March 16, 2014

Is it the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) or the Army Physical Readiness Test (APRT)? The latest Army field manual, FM 7-22 dated October 2012, pertaining to physical fitness is titled “Army Physical Readiness Training” and there have been lot of news stories regarding the new APRT. However, the FM still refers to the actual test as the APFT and still lists the three events as push-ups, sit-ups, and the two mile run.

It is likely the APFT will be replaced by an APRT in the next few years, but as with anything new in the Army, change can take a lot of time. One of the proposed replacements for the APFT included the following events:

1. 60 yard shuttle run

2. One minute of rowers

3. Standing long jump

4. One minute of push-ups

5. 1.5 mile run

This proposed test was similar to what a lot of US law enforcement agencies use, with a greater emphasis on agility and speed. The change from a two mile run to a 1.5 mile run was supposed to be accompanied with a requirement the Soldiers run the 1.5 miles at a faster pace than their two mile minimum. For instance, 17-21 year old males are currently required to run two miles in 15:54 in order to pass. This translates to a 7:57 per mile pace. The proposed 1.5 mile run would have increased the minimum pace to pass to roughly 7:30 per mile.

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